Heart of the Demon

Heart of the Demon by Cynthia Garner
My rating 4/5 stars

Supernatural beings are being brought to life by Cynthia Garner. She really takes you into a darker world that will make you question what or who is really around you. In Heart of the Demon, Finn and Kierra are trying to prevent a takeover that will very well send the world into well, hell. This story started very sexy and it did take me a while to get through it but it was actually very good. The romance between Finn and Kierra was just enough to keep you heated. This is a series that I will continue to read.

First-Reads/Goodreads winner
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True Love Way

True love way by Nancy Scrofano
My rating 4/5 stars

Marlo a old tv show obsessed girl who lives in malibu and has a dance studio receives an email from her ex who left after graduation 12 years ago. He has returned to Napa and would like to see her. She and her best friends brother who she is now close too drive to Napa to see if they can pick up where they left off. This trip is not shaping up to what it’s supposed to be. She finds out her ex has slept with her best friend before he left. He now has a 11 year old daughter that he did not know of. He also has 2 daughters from a previously marriage.

I found some of the characters to be immature. The fact that they kept having additional people go for moral support only added to issues not being resolved. The situations that the characters were in we’re very frustrating and I have to say Savannah is a terrible friend and I understand wanting to be a good person because of her daughter but come on!

True love way is a book I found to be cute and frustrating. It was predictable but it was still good reading. I did feel as if the main characters were immature. I felt like the situations that they would get themselves into felt very high school-ish. It was hard to believe they were around 30. I like the relationship between Marlo and Nik but I felt like it could have been developed further. There could have been so much more spark. I did enjoy reading it though. The thought of hanging on to your first love before you get closure is very believable but I just felt like nothing was getting resolved. That was frustrating

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Married By Mistake

Married By Mistake by Abby Gaines
My rating 3/5 stars

Adam is a successful media business man that is trying to save his business from being taken over by some of his relatives.
Casey is a writer who is trying not to go back to a family that depends on her way to much.
Together this marriage of convenience might just be what they need.
Another great story that was fun and romantic. I love a good marriage of convenience that turns into love.

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Crazy Love

Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh
My Rating 4/5 stars

Sierra’s, a internet dating site owner finds herself face to face with a client’s son who just so happens to be the very woman who is marrying her uncle. Marc is not very happy that his mom has used a dating site and is now marrying some crazy man she met online. He goes to a town called Love to convince his mom that this marriage is a sham and give the matchmaker a piece of his mind. Finding a fierce redhead who can dish it out they quickly discover there is an attraction that turns into a friendship and could possibly turn into something more and maybe something they want to hold on to.
I really enjoyed reading the back and forth between main characters, Sierra and Marc. They are both successful people who want to keep there business first and that being together is somewhat of a problem. They know exactly what type of relationship there having and know that in the end it will be a mutual departure. The rest of the characters were all fun and entertaining. I did feel the story with Marc’s father fell a little short but I still enjoyed this book. It was funny and romantic and would love to read more from Nicola Marsh.

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A Moment in Time

A Moment In Time by J. D. Wilson
My rating 2/5 stars

Sometimes when I read a book like this I go into it blindly and really not know what to expect. Before i began to read this story I did not know what genre it was in or have ever heard of it before. The only thing i knew was the title. So after reading so many romantic comedies, I somehow stumbled on A Moment is time by J.d. Wilson.
This is a short story about a girl named Khali who has a pretty tough life. Her mom gives her tough love by basically not showing her any love at all. Her boyfriend Brandon is someone she can talk to and count on. Sadly Brandon’s life is cut short and Khali’s life only gets lonelier.
This story has Khali opening herself up spiritually which seems like she lost her way. It was a very sad story and basically keeps you believing that even though life is hard there is always something you should believe in and hope that in the end things will get better. This story had me feeling for Khali and Brandon. There are plenty of people out there going through exactly what these characters are going through and I think it’s stories like these that can help them realize that we are never truly alone and there is always a way to get peace. This story did feel a little rushed and I did feel for the characters. It’s sad to realize that life isn’t all romance and happy endings. I am glad I read this book and yes there are plenty of mistakes but the story itself was very touching.

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Make Me, Sir

Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair
My Rating 5/5 stars

So after reading multiple series in the “BDSM” lifestyles I decided I would look for a book taking me further into it. I went searching and came across Make Me,Sir.  This is the first book I read in Cherise Sinclair’s series and you are immediatly sent into the BDSM world and when you’re in it, boy are you in it! Let’s just say I no longer know which way is up.  Gabrielle is an FBI agent with previous experience in BDSM and volunteers for a case to save her friend. It looks like a human trafficing ring is targeting “bratty subs”.  She goes undercover as a spoiled, rebelious submissive and finds herself falling for Master Marcus. She dispises the stuffy lawyer who hates bratty subs.  However, what she thinks and what she knows is completely different in this “playful” world. This story felt long but I loved it. I found myself always wanted to go to the Shadowlands just to see what trouble Gabrielle would get into and how Master Marcus would reward such behavior.  I dont know if I likes how the investigation finished, (not knowing if it goes into another book) , but I did like that Master Marcus was sure with what he wanted and wasnt going to let Gabrielle get away. Bratty Sub or not!

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Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James
My Rating 5/5 stars

Whew! I am emotionally exhausted from this book. My Word! This was my favorite book of the whole series. In this book you get to see what life is like with Christian trying to be what Ana wants.  Yes, he is still controlling,  suffacoting, and jealous but he lets her in emotionally.   Ana finally discovers what Christian didnt want anyone to know.  Of course, anyone else would have gone in the opposite direction but not Ana. I did think she got guilted in to staying but you soon realize that she really would not have been able to leave her Fifty even if she wanted to.  E.L. James gives you a different view of there relationship. This one has more of the “hearts and flowers” type of feel.  You can tell that Ana is less afraid of telling Christian how she feels towards certain things and at times it does come off as annoying but in return you see how playful and powerful Christian is. As i said earlier when i read this book i was emotionally exhausted and that mostly had to do with that crazy week they had. There was alot of anger, frustration, confusion, and of course sexual tension!  I personally loved how there was just so much going on, my head was spinning. E.L. James does a great job in transporting you to be right there with Christian and Ana.  Again, this may not be the best series ever written. Its just so bad it’s good!

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Reflected In You

Reflected in you by Sylvia Day
My rating 5/5 stars

The book starts right where it left off.  Honestly, I bought this book and hesitated reading it.  Which i found odd considering I was dying to read it nevertheless, I knew I wanted to be back in that world of tormented characters who had so much hurt, passion, and obsession.  Once again Sylvia Day captures what you were feeling right away (as if you could ever forget).  In book 2 of the Crossfire series you get to see Eva torment Gideon (for his own good, if you ask me).  I dont think Gideon realized that Eva was his Angel who might have her demons or ex come along.  Do I liked the way she played that scene, no.  I think its obvious Eva is a runner and instead of talking the situation out she just makes the problem worse.  Well at least Gideon has his hands full as opposed to the controlled relationship he had with his ex-fiance.  Towards the end of the book I did find myself wanting to throw the book at the wall due to the lack of communication. I noticed my pages were numbered and not much was resolved but thankfully Sylvia Day showed mercy (or else what would have been the point of book 2) and tied up some loose ends. If her point was to make me feel deprived of Gideon and the only thing I had was to hold on to was trust, and hope, well I felt it.  It just made the ending that much better for me.  We also finally find out what Gideon’s secret is. I dont mind that they told us what happened to gideon in a couple of pages. Reading towards the end of the book I was getting upset due to the fact that I felt it wasnt going to get revealed.  Obviously, Sylvia Day was trying to keep me hooked,  so go ahead and snap the picture cause this fish is HOOKED!

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey
By E.L. James
My rating 5/5 stars

I think what E.L. james does here is gives a reality to a world that is close to fantasy . A world people may know about but people dont really talk about.   You have  Christian Grey, a billionaire control-freak who falls for college student Anastasia Steele.  In book 1 of this series you get an  introduction to a type of an alternative lifestyle. I know there are alot of arguments about this book and its “BDSM” protrayal, but i think everyone kind of misses the point. This book does not show Christian in the lifestyle.  If he were to take Ana and throw her into it,  well let’s face it she may have a heart attack! It shows that he has a room and toys dedicated to this lifestyle but there isnt much past that besides kinky-sex.  if your looking for a book depicting that style this isnt it. This is a love story. I think the reason why people are drawn to the story is because people know about the kinky sex and this takes readers inside a small fraction of that lifestyle.  Not knowing  much about BDSM i figured i would take Mr. Grey’s advice and look it up.  Yeah- this is definetly not that. This is a very light version of what this lifestyle entails.  Moving on, i find Ana’s character to be a little naive but i love that about her. She doesnt have any experience and you feel shocked and exposed with the world she falls into. As for Christian, talk about hitting the jackpot finding innoncent Ana.  There is some annoyance to how possessive and jealous he is.  he tries to protect her and take care of her and to some point it does seem suffocating but man you know as well as she does that you just cant let go. You feel the attraction and the pull these 2 have towards each other and you just love it!  I think he feels he wants something different than what he is used to, and Ana is it, but does he deserve it? I gave this book 5 stars because it is without a doubt a page turner. I found it very entertaining and was not able to put it down.

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The Teacher’s Billionaire

The Teacher’s Billionaire by Christina Tetreault
My rating 3/5 stars

The Teacher’s Billionaire
This is a story about a teacher who’s mother has just passed and she has been thrown into a situation where she finds out that her father is in fact alive and is very active in the public eye.  She finds herself falling for the man sent to deal with her. He just so happens to be the son of her father’s new wife, a well-known bachelore.
Callie  seems comfortable with herself and even though she questions why a sexy-ceo-bachelor wants to spend time with her she doesnt seem whiney about it. She’s comfortable being herself around him.  What i love about Dylan’s character is that he is a CEO bachelor who has been with his fair-share of models but he finds something in Callie that he didnt know he wanted and he knows he cant get from other woman.
Normally, when i read i do get lost in the book, but this book i found to be very relaxing. It kept me calm for some reason. Im pretty sure it had something to do with the way they felt comforting and relief being with each other.  I also loved Lucky. Everytime lucky barked at that door i was right there in the scene, relaxing and hoping Dylan was on the other side of that door.  After reading a couple of chaotic books i found The Teacher’s Billionaire to be perfect downtime reading.  Really kept my emotions at ease.

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