Hi! I’m Mel. I love to read and have noticed that even though I read a lot I don’t do a lot of reviewing, so this is where I’ll post my reviews/opinions.

While I was in school I honestly don’t remember reading much.  I remember reading for assignments but never for pleasure. In fact, I’m sure it wasn’t for pleasure cause if I had the choice to pick a book up and read I wouldn’t. Now that I am older, I have discovered that I love to read. I am now the type of person that prefers to stay in and read than go out.  When I am giving the gift of time, I will search for a book to read or even a short story.  I think once I became older I just got bored with parts of my life and figured that I could escape through these books. I’m sure what I am saying here is not nothing that hasn’t been said before.

Happy Reading.


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