Forever Innocent

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

Rating 5/5 Stars

Young couple, Corabelle and Gavin have just become parents, and as quickly as they were parents, they weren’t anymore. Not being able to handle the situation Gavin leaves. Four years later it seems that fate wants them to be together but it may also be a chance for closure between these two. Sometimes a fresh start and a second chance is exactly what you need to move on.

Wow! If there was ever a book that every touched me, it would be this one. I could not get myself through a couple of these chapters without crying my eyes out.
The tragedy that young Corabelle and Gavin have to go through is heart breaking and realizing they can’t just pick up where they left off has you rooting for the couple to be together. Personally, I wanted them together. Of course you begin to think maybe they could find closure and move on separately but I didn’t want anyone getting in there way. They needed each other.
Deanna Roy does a great job of explaining the past of there relationship while putting you in the present. She also puts you right in the moment of their tragedy. I have never read anything that broke my heart with each word I read in the couple heart wrenching chapters.
Sometimes a reader just reads a book and other times you feel the book. Forever Innocent was that book for me.


October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant loss Rememberance Day.

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