An Offer He Can’t Refuse

An Offer He Can't RefuseAn Offer He Can’t Refuse by Theresa Ragan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 1/2 stars.

Madison needs to find a husband by her 30 birthday to receive an inheritance that her grandfather left her so she can continue to help out a youth center. However, Heather, Madison’s cousin has other plans for that money. Both woman have a proposition for Jackson if he is willing to marry Madison. A three months marriage with no strings attached couldn’t be so hard. Could it?

I liked Madison’s innocence. She didn’t come off naive which I really enjoyed. She had her insecurities but she seemed happy with herself. One thing I can’t stand in books is when the female characters have absolutely no self confidence. I liked Jackson’s character. Theresa Ragan did a great job of showing both sides of Jackson with out over doing it. I was able to see the struggle within himself while he was falling for Madison instantly or trying to remember that she wasn’t what she seemed to be. There seemed to be quite a few characters in this story and i didn’t feel overwhelmed by them or there personalities. This was a very fast read, which of course are my faves. If I start reading a book I won’t put it down till I’m done. This was a short story that was just long enough for me. From the beginning you can see which way the story is going and how it will end but at no time did it disappoint.

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