Falling For Nick

Falling For NickFalling For Nick by Joleen James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling for Nick by Joleen James

At his mother’s funeral, Nick sees Clea the mother of his only child. It’s been 10 years since he’s seen her and he realizes that the 10 years he lost were 10 to many. He must now fight for a family he hasn’t been apart of. Clea and their son John will move to New York with Robert, Clea’s fiancé so that Clea can follow her dream. However, after seeing Nick her dreams may no longer be in New York.

Another book I read and could not put down. The connection between Nick and Clea is felt instantly. I found myself rooting for him right away. Nick is a guy that some seem to think isn’t worth a darn. I loved when he and Clea were together cause you just felt the intensity between them. I was teased every time the opportunity for Nick and Clea to be together came and was hanging on every time something pulled them apart. I loved that he was trying to be respectful and considerate of his sons feeling and at times John does seem to be confused as to what kind of relationship he wants with his father. Joleen James could have made Falling For Nick longer and there could have been a little more to some of the characters but in the end I was satisfied. There were so many lies, twists, and turns and I was just as shocked as Nick when the truth finally came out. Overall, I fell for the title, I fell for the cover, I fell for Nick!

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