True Love Way

True love way by Nancy Scrofano
My rating 4/5 stars

Marlo a old tv show obsessed girl who lives in malibu and has a dance studio receives an email from her ex who left after graduation 12 years ago. He has returned to Napa and would like to see her. She and her best friends brother who she is now close too drive to Napa to see if they can pick up where they left off. This trip is not shaping up to what it’s supposed to be. She finds out her ex has slept with her best friend before he left. He now has a 11 year old daughter that he did not know of. He also has 2 daughters from a previously marriage.

I found some of the characters to be immature. The fact that they kept having additional people go for moral support only added to issues not being resolved. The situations that the characters were in we’re very frustrating and I have to say Savannah is a terrible friend and I understand wanting to be a good person because of her daughter but come on!

True love way is a book I found to be cute and frustrating. It was predictable but it was still good reading. I did feel as if the main characters were immature. I felt like the situations that they would get themselves into felt very high school-ish. It was hard to believe they were around 30. I like the relationship between Marlo and Nik but I felt like it could have been developed further. There could have been so much more spark. I did enjoy reading it though. The thought of hanging on to your first love before you get closure is very believable but I just felt like nothing was getting resolved. That was frustrating

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