Crazy Love

Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh
My Rating 4/5 stars

Sierra’s, a internet dating site owner finds herself face to face with a client’s son who just so happens to be the very woman who is marrying her uncle. Marc is not very happy that his mom has used a dating site and is now marrying some crazy man she met online. He goes to a town called Love to convince his mom that this marriage is a sham and give the matchmaker a piece of his mind. Finding a fierce redhead who can dish it out they quickly discover there is an attraction that turns into a friendship and could possibly turn into something more and maybe something they want to hold on to.
I really enjoyed reading the back and forth between main characters, Sierra and Marc. They are both successful people who want to keep there business first and that being together is somewhat of a problem. They know exactly what type of relationship there having and know that in the end it will be a mutual departure. The rest of the characters were all fun and entertaining. I did feel the story with Marc’s father fell a little short but I still enjoyed this book. It was funny and romantic and would love to read more from Nicola Marsh.

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