A Moment in Time

A Moment In Time by J. D. Wilson
My rating 2/5 stars

Sometimes when I read a book like this I go into it blindly and really not know what to expect. Before i began to read this story I did not know what genre it was in or have ever heard of it before. The only thing i knew was the title. So after reading so many romantic comedies, I somehow stumbled on A Moment is time by J.d. Wilson.
This is a short story about a girl named Khali who has a pretty tough life. Her mom gives her tough love by basically not showing her any love at all. Her boyfriend Brandon is someone she can talk to and count on. Sadly Brandon’s life is cut short and Khali’s life only gets lonelier.
This story has Khali opening herself up spiritually which seems like she lost her way. It was a very sad story and basically keeps you believing that even though life is hard there is always something you should believe in and hope that in the end things will get better. This story had me feeling for Khali and Brandon. There are plenty of people out there going through exactly what these characters are going through and I think it’s stories like these that can help them realize that we are never truly alone and there is always a way to get peace. This story did feel a little rushed and I did feel for the characters. It’s sad to realize that life isn’t all romance and happy endings. I am glad I read this book and yes there are plenty of mistakes but the story itself was very touching.

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