Make Me, Sir

Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair
My Rating 5/5 stars

So after reading multiple series in the “BDSM” lifestyles I decided I would look for a book taking me further into it. I went searching and came across Make Me,Sir.  This is the first book I read in Cherise Sinclair’s series and you are immediatly sent into the BDSM world and when you’re in it, boy are you in it! Let’s just say I no longer know which way is up.  Gabrielle is an FBI agent with previous experience in BDSM and volunteers for a case to save her friend. It looks like a human trafficing ring is targeting “bratty subs”.  She goes undercover as a spoiled, rebelious submissive and finds herself falling for Master Marcus. She dispises the stuffy lawyer who hates bratty subs.  However, what she thinks and what she knows is completely different in this “playful” world. This story felt long but I loved it. I found myself always wanted to go to the Shadowlands just to see what trouble Gabrielle would get into and how Master Marcus would reward such behavior.  I dont know if I likes how the investigation finished, (not knowing if it goes into another book) , but I did like that Master Marcus was sure with what he wanted and wasnt going to let Gabrielle get away. Bratty Sub or not!

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