Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James
My Rating 5/5 stars

Whew! I am emotionally exhausted from this book. My Word! This was my favorite book of the whole series. In this book you get to see what life is like with Christian trying to be what Ana wants.  Yes, he is still controlling,  suffacoting, and jealous but he lets her in emotionally.   Ana finally discovers what Christian didnt want anyone to know.  Of course, anyone else would have gone in the opposite direction but not Ana. I did think she got guilted in to staying but you soon realize that she really would not have been able to leave her Fifty even if she wanted to.  E.L. James gives you a different view of there relationship. This one has more of the “hearts and flowers” type of feel.  You can tell that Ana is less afraid of telling Christian how she feels towards certain things and at times it does come off as annoying but in return you see how playful and powerful Christian is. As i said earlier when i read this book i was emotionally exhausted and that mostly had to do with that crazy week they had. There was alot of anger, frustration, confusion, and of course sexual tension!  I personally loved how there was just so much going on, my head was spinning. E.L. James does a great job in transporting you to be right there with Christian and Ana.  Again, this may not be the best series ever written. Its just so bad it’s good!

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