Reflected In You

Reflected in you by Sylvia Day
My rating 5/5 stars

The book starts right where it left off.  Honestly, I bought this book and hesitated reading it.  Which i found odd considering I was dying to read it nevertheless, I knew I wanted to be back in that world of tormented characters who had so much hurt, passion, and obsession.  Once again Sylvia Day captures what you were feeling right away (as if you could ever forget).  In book 2 of the Crossfire series you get to see Eva torment Gideon (for his own good, if you ask me).  I dont think Gideon realized that Eva was his Angel who might have her demons or ex come along.  Do I liked the way she played that scene, no.  I think its obvious Eva is a runner and instead of talking the situation out she just makes the problem worse.  Well at least Gideon has his hands full as opposed to the controlled relationship he had with his ex-fiance.  Towards the end of the book I did find myself wanting to throw the book at the wall due to the lack of communication. I noticed my pages were numbered and not much was resolved but thankfully Sylvia Day showed mercy (or else what would have been the point of book 2) and tied up some loose ends. If her point was to make me feel deprived of Gideon and the only thing I had was to hold on to was trust, and hope, well I felt it.  It just made the ending that much better for me.  We also finally find out what Gideon’s secret is. I dont mind that they told us what happened to gideon in a couple of pages. Reading towards the end of the book I was getting upset due to the fact that I felt it wasnt going to get revealed.  Obviously, Sylvia Day was trying to keep me hooked,  so go ahead and snap the picture cause this fish is HOOKED!

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