Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey
By E.L. James
My rating 5/5 stars

I think what E.L. james does here is gives a reality to a world that is close to fantasy . A world people may know about but people dont really talk about.   You have  Christian Grey, a billionaire control-freak who falls for college student Anastasia Steele.  In book 1 of this series you get an  introduction to a type of an alternative lifestyle. I know there are alot of arguments about this book and its “BDSM” protrayal, but i think everyone kind of misses the point. This book does not show Christian in the lifestyle.  If he were to take Ana and throw her into it,  well let’s face it she may have a heart attack! It shows that he has a room and toys dedicated to this lifestyle but there isnt much past that besides kinky-sex.  if your looking for a book depicting that style this isnt it. This is a love story. I think the reason why people are drawn to the story is because people know about the kinky sex and this takes readers inside a small fraction of that lifestyle.  Not knowing  much about BDSM i figured i would take Mr. Grey’s advice and look it up.  Yeah- this is definetly not that. This is a very light version of what this lifestyle entails.  Moving on, i find Ana’s character to be a little naive but i love that about her. She doesnt have any experience and you feel shocked and exposed with the world she falls into. As for Christian, talk about hitting the jackpot finding innoncent Ana.  There is some annoyance to how possessive and jealous he is.  he tries to protect her and take care of her and to some point it does seem suffocating but man you know as well as she does that you just cant let go. You feel the attraction and the pull these 2 have towards each other and you just love it!  I think he feels he wants something different than what he is used to, and Ana is it, but does he deserve it? I gave this book 5 stars because it is without a doubt a page turner. I found it very entertaining and was not able to put it down.

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