The Teacher’s Billionaire

The Teacher’s Billionaire by Christina Tetreault
My rating 3/5 stars

The Teacher’s Billionaire
This is a story about a teacher who’s mother has just passed and she has been thrown into a situation where she finds out that her father is in fact alive and is very active in the public eye.  She finds herself falling for the man sent to deal with her. He just so happens to be the son of her father’s new wife, a well-known bachelore.
Callie  seems comfortable with herself and even though she questions why a sexy-ceo-bachelor wants to spend time with her she doesnt seem whiney about it. She’s comfortable being herself around him.  What i love about Dylan’s character is that he is a CEO bachelor who has been with his fair-share of models but he finds something in Callie that he didnt know he wanted and he knows he cant get from other woman.
Normally, when i read i do get lost in the book, but this book i found to be very relaxing. It kept me calm for some reason. Im pretty sure it had something to do with the way they felt comforting and relief being with each other.  I also loved Lucky. Everytime lucky barked at that door i was right there in the scene, relaxing and hoping Dylan was on the other side of that door.  After reading a couple of chaotic books i found The Teacher’s Billionaire to be perfect downtime reading.  Really kept my emotions at ease.

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