Bared To You

Bared To You by Sylvia Day
My Rating 5/5 stars

Eva just moved to new York to work as an assistant in an ad agency. She is a strong girl even though her past is what it is. She discovers Gideon or should I say he discovers her and decides he wants to have a certain type of relationship with her.
There is a lot of uncertainty in this story of what she wants or at least her knowing what she wants. Gideon on the other hand starts out wanting one thing in the beginning of the relationship but then realizing his attraction to her is much more. It is more of a need. In this book you get enough of the story to understand both characters we still don’t know exactly what happened in Gideon’s past but we do know it is his dark secret that has closed him off. Except where Eva is concerned. It is also the openness with Eva that is helping him realize what he wants.
From the beginning Sylvia Day captures you attention with the way Eva and Gideon meet. She keeps you intrigued with thier story. You hope that even though these 2 have gone through some horrible situations physically that they can connect intimately. I like that Gideon’s character starts off wanting to be in relationships where he does not want to get connected but he feels that he can not get away from Eva. It’s a strong connection and you feel it every step of the way. These characters seem mature and they fit there personality. It wasn’t hard to imagine the main characters in their situations. Eva doesn’t seem like she is scared to stand up to Gideon or put her foot down. I find that refreshing in Eva. I didn’t find myself yelling at my book telling Eva to get a backbone. I enjoyed this book from the beginning and felt very drawn to there relationship. I can’t wait to finish the next book.

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