A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio
My Rating 4/5 stars

A Wedding Story

“Rhubabrb” and Bobby are assinged to the “kiddie” table at there siblings wedding so that they are out of everyones way. The behavior between these two is very much noticed by everyone. Rhubarb is unfortunatly put in a situation that she needs Bobby’s help with and she then discovers that all this tension between the two is actually something more.

I love stories with love-hate romances. Rhubarb and Bobby’s relationship was fun from the very beginning. There are not very many books that make me laugh out loud but this was definitly very funny. This is a short read but very enjoyable. This was the first book i have read from Dee Tonorio, and i wont hesitate to read another. Very funny and romantic.

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