Forever Innocent

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

Rating 5/5 Stars

Young couple, Corabelle and Gavin have just become parents, and as quickly as they were parents, they weren’t anymore. Not being able to handle the situation Gavin leaves. Four years later it seems that fate wants them to be together but it may also be a chance for closure between these two. Sometimes a fresh start and a second chance is exactly what you need to move on.

Wow! If there was ever a book that every touched me, it would be this one. I could not get myself through a couple of these chapters without crying my eyes out.
The tragedy that young Corabelle and Gavin have to go through is heart breaking and realizing they can’t just pick up where they left off has you rooting for the couple to be together. Personally, I wanted them together. Of course you begin to think maybe they could find closure and move on separately but I didn’t want anyone getting in there way. They needed each other.
Deanna Roy does a great job of explaining the past of there relationship while putting you in the present. She also puts you right in the moment of their tragedy. I have never read anything that broke my heart with each word I read in the couple heart wrenching chapters.
Sometimes a reader just reads a book and other times you feel the book. Forever Innocent was that book for me.


October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant loss Rememberance Day.

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27 Pieces Of Advice For Writers From Famous Authors

27 Pieces Of Advice For Writers From Famous Authors
Celebrated authors, editors and illustrators write advice to young writers on their hands for “Shared Links,” a two-week creative writing summer camp at Wofford College.

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For a Good Time Call

For a Good Time, Call...For a Good Time, Call… by Trish Jensen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rules were made to be broken. At least that’s what Sherry and Kit will come to realize. Sherry wants the typical romantic dream. Wedding, marriage, kids and Kit wants quite the opposite. Sherry dared to call the number she found on a $20 bill which read “for a good time call Kit” what she found on the other end was her future little did Kit know it was also his.

This book was good at the beginning and then just didn’t deliver enough passion. It had so much potential to be a 4 star book for me but it kind of just plateaued . I was interested in their relationship and liked the way Kit and Sherry kept coming together but when the time came for them to actually get together I was rather disappointed. The main characters were well written but everyone around them fell flat. It was a good quick read but it definitely left me wanting more.

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Laura’s Big Break

Laura's Big BreakLaura’s Big Break by Janet Elizabeth Henderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars!

“He was the source of her adventures and the strength that kept her safe”

Laura must interview Charlie, the hot YouTube hero sensation in order to keep her job. It isn’t an easy task considering she thinks sleeping with Charlie was the biggest mistake of her life. Charlie wants no part of this interview but Laura agrees to do whatever it takes to get the story. Charlie decides it might be helpful along with entertaining to have her with him for the next 2 weeks. Now having to deal with each other may just be what Laura and Charlie missed 12 years ago.

After reading the prologue, I was immediately hooked. The scene Janet Elizabeth Henderson played out was perfect for setting up what happened between Laura and Charlie 12 years ago. That’s when I knew what type of girl Laura was. Sassy with guts! While reading the book I was never annoyed with Laura or Charlie. There personalities complimented each other. Sensible Laura and carefree Charlie. I honestly didn’t even care about the secondary characters because I was so involved with Laura and Charlie. Neither seemed childish. Laura was never over the top with her quirkiness and Charlie was always level headed even when he was starting to admit that he was falling for Laura. I didn’t want this book to end that’s for sure. It was short but very romantic and definitely not over the top.

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An Offer He Can’t Refuse

An Offer He Can't RefuseAn Offer He Can’t Refuse by Theresa Ragan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 1/2 stars.

Madison needs to find a husband by her 30 birthday to receive an inheritance that her grandfather left her so she can continue to help out a youth center. However, Heather, Madison’s cousin has other plans for that money. Both woman have a proposition for Jackson if he is willing to marry Madison. A three months marriage with no strings attached couldn’t be so hard. Could it?

I liked Madison’s innocence. She didn’t come off naive which I really enjoyed. She had her insecurities but she seemed happy with herself. One thing I can’t stand in books is when the female characters have absolutely no self confidence. I liked Jackson’s character. Theresa Ragan did a great job of showing both sides of Jackson with out over doing it. I was able to see the struggle within himself while he was falling for Madison instantly or trying to remember that she wasn’t what she seemed to be. There seemed to be quite a few characters in this story and i didn’t feel overwhelmed by them or there personalities. This was a very fast read, which of course are my faves. If I start reading a book I won’t put it down till I’m done. This was a short story that was just long enough for me. From the beginning you can see which way the story is going and how it will end but at no time did it disappoint.

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Investigation of Author Solutions’ Deceptive Practices

Investigation of Author Solutions’ Deceptive Practices

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Falling For Nick

Falling For NickFalling For Nick by Joleen James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling for Nick by Joleen James

At his mother’s funeral, Nick sees Clea the mother of his only child. It’s been 10 years since he’s seen her and he realizes that the 10 years he lost were 10 to many. He must now fight for a family he hasn’t been apart of. Clea and their son John will move to New York with Robert, Clea’s fiancé so that Clea can follow her dream. However, after seeing Nick her dreams may no longer be in New York.

Another book I read and could not put down. The connection between Nick and Clea is felt instantly. I found myself rooting for him right away. Nick is a guy that some seem to think isn’t worth a darn. I loved when he and Clea were together cause you just felt the intensity between them. I was teased every time the opportunity for Nick and Clea to be together came and was hanging on every time something pulled them apart. I loved that he was trying to be respectful and considerate of his sons feeling and at times John does seem to be confused as to what kind of relationship he wants with his father. Joleen James could have made Falling For Nick longer and there could have been a little more to some of the characters but in the end I was satisfied. There were so many lies, twists, and turns and I was just as shocked as Nick when the truth finally came out. Overall, I fell for the title, I fell for the cover, I fell for Nick!

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Emily Brontë


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The Heidelberg Effect

The Heidelberg Effect (Tempus fugitives trilogy, #1)The Heidelberg Effect by Susan Kiernan-Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now this is a book that had me at the cover! Fierce looking woman dressed in black holding a gun with a sexy cowboy wearing a hat with an unbuttoned shirt. Yup, i knew this was gonna be an interesting read. This book has it all romance, independent heroin, strong handsome cowboy that saves her life, foreign setting and time travel, what more could you want out of a book. Susan Kiernan-Lewis does a great job of taking you on an adventure. I was intrigued from the beginning and thought the story flowed well considering all the plot twists. This was a great read and I will definitely be reading more from Susan!

I received an autographed copy of this book from the author

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Just couldn’t stay away!

I have just finished planing a fundraiser for my sister and even though I am not done helping her fight the big C, I am ready to get lost in words. I don’t think people realize how great it is to be a reader. Being taken to so many different worlds and meeting characters that are both loving and frustrating is just fascinating. I tried to get my sister to read books to get her mind off things but she just wasn’t having it. Which is absolutely fine so she can put all of her energy into getting better. I however am back to reading because I just could not stay away. Having an actual book to read is the best. I am part of the few that still think that the “book isn’t dead!” Someone who doesn’t like to read probably started that, Hmmm, *shrugs* just a thought. On Valentine’s day my boyfriend surprised me with a kindle so that I can take all my books with me since I won’t be anywhere to long with everything that is happening. I absolutely LOVE my kindle. It is not a fire, or tablet or anything with bells and whistles, it’s perfect. Simple and reminds me of a book. Happy Reading everyone!

My Sister Michelle fundraising page.

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